From Day-Dreamer to Writer: A 2nd Grader’s Tale

So how did I become a musician? 

My story begins way back in 2nd grade before the idea that I could become a musician ever entered my mind. I was just 7 years old when I discovered my love of writing. I still remember the look on Mrs. Bacon’s shocked face when I showed her my four-and-a-half page story that I still hadn’t finished. I immediately realized she wasn’t accustomed to 2nd graders writing such long stories. Or at least, didn’t expect it to come from me. I felt very proud of myself. Plus it was fun putting my imagination down on paper.

Looking back, I wonder if I had ADD, but schools weren’t accustomed to testing kids like they do now. I’m pretty sure I drove my 2nd and 3rd grade teachers nuts. I was constantly daydreaming and not paying attention in class. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to learn. I was just busy making up stories and thinking about life. Several times my teachers tried moving my desk to see if I would pay more attention. Sometimes it was to the very front of class. Sometimes to the back. Maybe if I was placed with different students? My favorite place of all, though, was my own desk all by myself facing the window. Looking outside really sparked my imagination!

So there was the beginning of my writing career, and it continued all the way through high school into the first few years of college. I was one of those wierd kids who loved writing papers for class assignments. But then you know how it goes: life gets too busy with work and family. And then college burn-out. Writing had lost it’s pleasurable qualities. Thankfully, I think I’ve recovered, and am looking forward to blogging each week.

So what does writing have to do with becoming a musician? Keep reading my blog and you will soon find out 🙂

Until next time, remember (as my former pastor’s wife always said) “Life is an adventure.”

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